About Us

Reversing destruction is actually the theme of It is a Vegan blog, but our focus is the reversing of destructive activity and trends that are the result of animal abuse, meat and dairy consumption, and disconnection from the reality that we are all connected and everything we do effects us all.

Our goal is to inform, promote and spread Veganism. Our methods are to present information, synthesize ideas, and pass on good stuff and resources you may not know about already.

Our philosophy is that all actions that move us toward a Vegan world saves animals. We want to participate in and encourage these actions.

On Reverse Destruction, you will find articles about animals, nutrition and diet, the environment, psychology, inspiration, resources, and news and events. We feel that all of these subjects are relative to Veganism, and we hope you will find something of value that will help you become Vegan, stay Vegan, and spread Veganism.