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The Gentle Barn

Written by Barbara Frazier August 14, 2012

Our Featured Organization for the Month

The Gentle BarnThe Gentle Barn is an extraordinary animal rescue operation and sanctuary located on six acres of panoramic beauty in Santa Clarita, California. Founded by Ellie Laks in 1999, The Gentle Barn brings together animals who need rescue and rehabilitation, with children from mental health facilities, foster homes, group homes and schools who need emotional healing.

Through caring for the animals and developing relationships with them, the children learn about compassion and empathy for all living beings including themselves. As the animals heal, the children heal. These at-risk kids can identify with the backgrounds and stories of these animals, and in caring for them gain a new sense of themselves as valuable, loving members of the human race.

The Gentle Barn currently houses over 160 rescued animals with histories of severe abuse, neglect, abandonment or worse. There are many types of animals including cows, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, horses, donkeys, llamas, dogs and cats. The animals often arrive barely alive or have been rejected by other placements. They are provided with both traditional and non-traditional medical treatments, lots of hands on love and understanding, the best of nutritional care, and the security of knowing they will not be given away or abandoned.

Visitors can come to the sanctuary and participate in caring for and interacting with the animals on regular visitor days. Out of respect for the animals, only vegan meals and snacks are allowed on the premises. You can check out visitation days and times at www.thegentlebarn.org.

What is so wonderful and striking about The Gentle Barn is that it both represents and lives out the process of reversing the destruction that all to often is perpetrated on the innocent and dependent beings of the world - in this case, animals and children. By working to bring love, compassion, understanding, empathy and good health out of abuse, abandonment, and neglect, The Gentle Barn transforms the destructive elements of humanity into some of our highest aspirations and ideals.  It is healing at it’s best, and a model for us all.

The Gentle Barn operates on donations and support from the public. If you would like to make a donation, please click this link (www.thegentlebarn.org/donate.php).  It will open in a separate page.

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Barbara Frazier

Barbara Frazier

I'm excited to be involved in writing for Reverse Destruction and spreading veganism! My background is in psychotherapy, so I'm interested in the psychology of being vegan and hope to bring some new insights in that area. I also recently finished a Certification in Plant-Based Diets from the T. Colin Cambell Foundation at Cornell University. I am looking forward to an exploration of the relationship between food and mood stability.

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