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Heroic Doctors of the Pro-Active Age

Written by Josh Alterman August 08, 2012

Who is Dr. Greger? Find out and thank me later.

Heroic Doctors of the Pro-Active Age

A lot about this world is backwards.  This is common knowledge.  If you ask anyone, "What do you think is screwed up about the world?" they WILL have an answer.  The answers may vary from the justice system, politics, prejudice and religion to marital problems or even talk about who Kim KardashiWho is dating. Spare me on that last one please.

Everyone has complaints.  Vegans certainly do.  Vegans see so much truth, it hurts, but what about the rest of the world?  Why do people focus on certain injustices and not others?  I'm sure there are many reasons.  But three reasons stick out to me.  Money, money and money.  Money buys more than material.  It buys the media, the education system and the control of awareness.  So, it's up to us (the people) to fend for ourselves.

Doc, Why do I Know More about Health than You?

One of the biggest, yet ignored injustices of our time is the modern medical industry.  I'll start with my disclaimer: not the ENTIRE medical industry.  I am beyond grateful for parts of it.  I'm referring to MOST of the medical industry.  It is almost completely based on reaction.  The only proactive behaviors are those that profit. And people are playing right into the game.  The most effective, most basic, most advanced and most under-practiced form of medical care is NUTRITION.  Science has proven that plant-based nutrition is overwhelmingly the salvation to uprooting the leading causes of death.

I won't ramble about this.  I'll just give you a few facts and stats.  You do the math:

  1. Medical  school only requires 25 hours of nutrition education. Only 27% meet this requirement.
  2. The median income for Doctors in US is $175,596
  3. The drug industry in the US alone is a $307 Billion per year industry
  4. Our #1 fatal medical condition is heart disease, which can almost always be reversed and completely avoided in the first place through plant-based nutrition.
  5. The #2 fatal medical condition is Cancer.  Improper nutrition is the #1 cause of Cancer.
  6. Cancer is a $120 Billion per year industry in the US alone.

I'm sure you can Google various sources with different numbers, but, point made.  Now, let's get to real the point.  Heroes.

Modern Day Hero

I define a hero as: someone who has the courage, insight, willingness and/or boldness to challenge a massive or dangerous force in order to protect the well being of others, while putting others before themselves.  Here is a video by one hero, a very humble video that only begins to characterize what this man is really accomplishing.

Dr. Michael Greger has exploded onto the scene this year.  His website, NutritionFacts.org, has gotten 5 Million hits this year. "NUTRITIONFACTS.ORG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization brought to you by the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation in partnership with Michael Greger, M.D."

He and his team put out 1 short video every day.  Each video provides very valuable information on the topic of the day.  They are always easy to understand, yet they tackle complex information.  They are usually amusing, always remarkable.  You can even register and subscribe to them. But these videos do more than that.  They consistently spread another crucial message between the lines.  Nutrition is the answer to almost all of our medical problems.  And, proactive thinking is the key ingredient.  If we do not start thinking proactively instead of waiting until disaster strikes and then reacting, we will never intelligently evolve, we will continue to suffer and will keep spinning in circles.  Lives are at stake.

Here are two good "Videos of the Day"

Dr. Greger is not alone.  Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. James McDougall, among others, are all heroic in similar terms.  These Doctors have chosen integrity over money.  Money may be a well deserved side-effect, but to them, truth is more important.  They have turned around, faced the other direction, put their heads down and sprinted full force right into the corrupted heart of the modern day medical field.  David(s) battling Goliath.  Is that going too far?  Let's cheer them on, regardless.

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