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Why VeganTalk.com?

Written by Barbara Frazier August 10, 2012

A Social Network for Vegans, Aspiring Vegans and Vegan Businesses

Why VeganTalk.com?

We have created VeganTalk in hopes of creating an international Vegan community where Vegans can meet each other, discuss issues of importance, provide information, get information, share recipes, and have the opportunity to create a blog. By the way, our Blog and Community Vegan Cookbook are always publicly viewable and we encourage you to let your friends know to come and take a look.

The Impetus

The drive behind creating VeganTalk is personal. Both myself and my son Josh, who is the developer and designer of VeganTalk, became Vegan over a year ago. He was first. At the time, he ate what most Americans would consider to be a very healthy diet. With a background in personal training and fitness, he leaned toward the low glycemic, high protein diet. He happened to see a video produced by Gary Yourofsky about Veganism and in the course of the video, the atrocities of factory farming and the dairy industry were spelled out. He found that after watching this video, he could no longer consider eating meat or diary, or consciously contribute to the suffering and pain of the many millions of animals that are involved in factory farming each year. So he announced to me that he was going Vegan and told me why.

I was impressed, both by the decision, but also by what he told me about the dairy industry. I had already given up eating meat more than 10 years ago, but I didn’t know about the suffering cows sustain in the course of “Got Milk?”. I decided to pick up my copy of The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, which had been given to me as a gift, and read it. The research was so compelling, that I decided to not only go Vegan, but work towards a whole food plant-based diet. That way I could improve my health and protect animals at the same time.

It has been a great year and I feel better on many levels from my plant based diet. As a practicing psychotherapist, I am amazed at the impact of this diet on mood and anxiety, not to mention energy, general health, sleep, and the list goes on. I could never go back.

Our Mission

Today, our primary goal is to spread the word to anyone and everyone who has some interest. VeganTalk was created out of this mission. Both Josh and I want to help provide a platform for all vegans to participate in educating others about Veganism, as well as help those who have made the crossover to do it better and better. We know that food is a centerpiece, so we are hoping to bring together the wonderful Vegan cooks from around the world to share their recipes. We also want Vegans who live in particular geographical areas to meet others of like mind. We want everyone to have access to the massive fund of information that is available from Vegans everywhere, and we want you to share your favorite resources with all of us. VeganTalk is also a friend to and promoter of Vegan businesses and organizations, and we have created the opportunity for businesses and organizations to set up their own profiles and advertise. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for more Vegan products.

Everyone is Welcome

Above all, we have created a user type called “Aspiring Vegan.” This has been done so that those of you that have an interest in plant based diets, but have not yet made the decision to fully dive in, can have access to all of the knowledge, tips, resources and information that Vegans have. We welcome you and hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions, get menu ideas, find out how to deal with problematic areas, learn what books are available, or simply meet others who are interested in and practicing Veganism. We know it can be quite difficult to make a life and dietary change as significant as this with no outside support. We want you to have immediate access to other Vegans when you’re ready, so hop onto VeganTalk and I think you will find the support and information you need.

Welcome everyone, and feel free to give us feedback as we go along. Our ears are open!

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About the Author

Barbara Frazier

Barbara Frazier

I'm excited to be involved in writing for Reverse Destruction and spreading veganism! My background is in psychotherapy, so I'm interested in the psychology of being vegan and hope to bring some new insights in that area. I also recently finished a Certification in Plant-Based Diets from the T. Colin Cambell Foundation at Cornell University. I am looking forward to an exploration of the relationship between food and mood stability.

Age: 62       Hometown: Gainesville, FL